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FreeYond F9


FreeYond F9

A Design that dare to surmount

The body frame, lens module protection area, and rear shell are designed with a highly integrated streamline design.

Camera Module seems to grow in the body,Achieving unprecedented visual unity,Expresses the endless reverie of future technology.

The feeling of FreeYond F9 holding hands can be described as perfect,

The transition curve of the back and side has been adjusted and polished for tens of thousands of times,

So the fit between the mobile phone and the palm is very good.

5000mAh Large Battery

From going out in the morning to going home at night,

You will not be anxious about charging your phone, you can use it for one day no matter what you use it

35 days standby

7 days music playback

17 hours video playback

21 hours calling

Note: The battery life data comes from FreeYond Labs,

Test conditions: screen brightness 50%, music playback headset volume 50%, video playback speaker volume 50%, call volume 50%,

The actual situation will vary slightly depending on the test software version, specific test conditions and environment, and the actual use time shall prevail.

6.52 inch High-definition IPS Large Screen

Watch videos, play games, surf the Internet, enjoy photos,

Everything on the screen looks vividly.

Dual-unlock of Fingerprint and Face Recognition

Fingerprints are passwords that don’t need to be remembered,

the side fingerprint allows you to enter the system the moment you hold the phone,

Front face recognition allows you to pick up your phone and use it.

Type-C Data Port+3.5mm Audio Port

Equipped with mainstream Type-C interface, no distinction between positive and negative, good compatibility, more stable charging and data transmission.

It still retains the independent 3.5mm audio interface, which is more convenient to connect headphones and speakers,

No need to switch, you can also charge while listening to music,

And the headphone port is designed at the bottom of the phone, it will be more convenient to use wired headphones.

8 Cores 1.6 GHz High-performance Processor

Internet access, watching videos, and playing games can all be handled with ease,

Low heat, low power consumption, longer battery life



The 6 Reasons for Choosing FreeYond F9

  • 13.0MP ultra clear main camera + 2.0MP macro photography   
  • Front Camera 8.0MP Selfie
  • 128GB Large Memory
  • 5000mAh Large Battery
  • 6.52 inch High-definition IPS Large Screen


1x Phone
1x Screen Protector (pre-applied)
1x Phone Case
1x Type-C Cable
1x Power Adapter
1x SIM Tray Ejector
1x Quick Start Guide


  • Product Line: FreeYond Official
  • Model: FreeYond F9
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 5.64×17.82×9.33
  • Weight (kg): 0.415
  • Color: Black
  • Main Material: Plastic
  • Care Label: No direct sundlight, cleaning with low percentage alcohol
  • Shop Type: Jumia Mall