World’s 1st Price Crash Auction System

We give you access to your dream items for a ridiculously low price. Say “never again” to going broke or waiting years to have your needs, wants and desires met.

Why Choose Us

Price Crash Auction

The law of Demand And Supply says the higher the quantity demanded, the higher the price. The law of Qliix says the higher the quantity demanded, the lower the prices. We don’t do auctions. We do fast, credible and highly-rewarding crash auctions.

Subsidy Market

 Here we’ve got subsidies for people who want more.

The subsidy market was born out of the need to provide affordable products to the masses.  We eliminate the middleman and offer prices without all the extra charges. Imagine the lowest prices you can ever find, that’s only possible with Qliix.


Tired of what you have? Why not exchange it for what you really want?

We are taking it back to the good old days when money wasn’t involved. On Qliix you can exchange what you have with someone who desires it. We make the connection and you make the trade.

Ecommerce Store

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an online storefront that will help you showcase your product to potential customers? We have built a community that you can leverage on.

Qliix Partnership

Join us and let’s change the world. Help us spread the word so Qliix gets to the people it was designed to serve. You get paid N500 for everyone you tell and they subscribe.